ABENOJAR, Michael Angelo. Graphic designer / visual communicator, with a background in linguistics.  🗣  Enamoured most with typography & information design.  💾  Personal practice is informed by a number of interests: the written word, expressions of culture & identity, local perspectives, etc.  🌐  An earnest & steadfast belief:  💭  design is a humanism, holding profound capacities (as a playing field for broad exploration,  🧭  a testing ground for continual learning & growth,  🌱  a critical lens held up to ourselves and the world  🔍 ). Aims to create work that speaks of the human story — rooted in aspirations & possibilities turned to reality and in support of the social good. ☻ Finds design challenging; does it anyway.  ✌︎
( An exciting, new website is in the process of becoming... come back soon! ☻ )
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