An app prototype for users to plan their experience at a local music festival.
☞  user interface design, user experience design
☞  student project
Design challenges are common in UX design as a way of demonstrating skills and capabilities, as well as the ability to interpret, plan for, and solve problems. As with real briefs, the goal is to design a user's experience of a product or service as they seek to complete a desired goal. Empathy is a must in order to understand how to improve the interaction between user and design.

Within the scope of this project, decisions such as branding, choice of audience, copywriting, and interaction details were left to interpretation. Given the choice, I formed my own brief:

"Edmonton Folk Music Festival is hoping to enhance the experience of festivalgoers by allowing them to plan their schedules digitally. The experience should allow attendants to select which acts to fill in to their schedule and to filter acts by location, time, and genre. Users must also be able to receive and share copies of their schedules."

Research was a necessary component of this project. I first identified the user and design goals; strategies for approaching visuals, copy, and interactions; and the target audience. To tailor a design with the right spirit and character, I looked into the culture and history of the festival, its attendants, and its branding. I eventually settled on an app prototype that significantly improves upon the festival's existing app, and would act as a helpful accessory to the festival experience.
The app concept, named "The Hill", opens with strategic onboarding to establish tone and an understanding of the app's functions. It integrates a helpful selection of functions and content — a sortable festival lineup; artist profiles and media; curated guides and experiences; a dedicated profile page with schedule sharing capability; in-app purchasing for food, drink, and merch; a map of the festival grounds; social media integration. And most crucial to the brief, customized and sharable scheduling is integrated using both list and timeline views.

Backed by the development of planning work (a sitemap, wireframes, and moodboards), a clickable prototype showcases a single but complete user flow through the intended digital experience.
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